Patrick Tilp aka Patr|X was born and raised in East Germany in 1982.

He followed his artistic drive and decided to undergo a professional education as a media designer which was his basis for pursuing a career in 3D-animation, VFX and art. With a strong passion for new technologies, spirituality and science, Patr|X has since built a strong portfolio of professional projects both in TV and film.

Never losing his passion for art pour l’art, he pursued to expand on his portfolio by exploring the depth of the human psyche in his personal projects in which he experiments with new media and workflows and draws strong influence from music, art, altered states of consciousness and science.

Some of his recent works are collaborative efforts with the Swiss/German art collective ViSGiF which he co-founded in 2017 with like-minded artist Claudya Schmidt (AlectorFencer).

Patr|X works out of his personal studio in Basel, Switzerland and is available for freelance- and commissioned work.